David B. Bice, P.C. - Lynchburg Divorce Attorney
David B. Bice, P.C. - Lynchburg Divorce Attorney
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Lynchburg Divorce and Collaborative Process Attorney

Experience, Knowledge and Compassion From a Forest Lawyer for Division of Marital Property

If you are considering a divorce, you need guidance from a knowledgeable attorney who will look out for the best interests of you and your family. At our law firm, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you efficient and effective legal services that meet your needs.

We are the legal team at the law firm of David B. Bice, P. C. Our firm is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and represents clients throughout all the surrounding areas in divorce and family law matters.

Working Through the Complexities of a Divorce With Attorney David B. Bice

The process for property division is complex in the state of Virginia, so it is critical you work with a lawyer who understands this process. At our firm, we are highly knowledgeable regarding the division process and will help educate you about your legal options. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your assets and can call upon outside resources to support your case, if necessary. We assist our clients with all important aspects of a divorce, including division of marital property, spousal support (alimony) and custody and visitation.

Divorce Resolutions Using Collaborative Process

If you and your spouse wish to stay out of the courtroom, and are willing to negotiate, a confidential and legal resolution can be achieved through the collaborative process. This process involves the use of other professionals trained in collaboration. This also includes the drafting of a written property and separation settlement that accurately addresses each party's rights and obligations post-divorce.

We encourage our clients to consider this resolution. If you are interested in this approach, we will take time to explain what this process entails. Each party must agree to several factors, including honesty, full disclosure (assets and financial) and a commitment to never going to litigation. The collaborative process has many different benefits, including:

  • Fast resolutions: This process often takes less time than a traditional divorce.
  • Lower costs: Because a solution is achieved outside the courtroom, your attorney's fees and court costs will likely be lower than with traditional litigation.
  • Confidential legal solutions: All items discussed are entirely confidential and will be discussed in a safe and secure meeting environment.

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